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Removable manuscript tape
Pen or Pencil

without any damage to existing score 

Unique and

without any damage works a treat!

Apply to any

capture that idea and apply to any surface

Removable manuscript tape


Removable manuscript tape

Hi and welcome to OVERSCORE, where musical arrangements can be amended in no time at all.


Available for purchase worldwide



This is Overscore, your unique removable manuscript tape tested by musicians for musicians, this new tape absolutely works a treat!!



Overscore is a very handy 5 metre roll which is 25mm wide, with industry standard 8mm staff lines printed on it.



Overscore can be applied to any printed musical score allowing the user to cover up mistakes or simply make changes, allowing new parts to be written in with pencil or pen without any damage to existing score once removed if necessary.



All kinds of musicians will benefit from this exciting new product, not just the performing musician such as orchestral musicians, marching band musicians, session musicians, theatre musicians and solo performers but also Musical Directors, Conductors, Musical Colleges and Universities, Teachers, Students, the list goes on and on...



Educational benefits from Overscore are that tape can be used to modify parts allowing students to simplify or simply improve parts to be played, or even apply to a blank sheet or workbook to better explain musical parts.


NO more pen or pencil marks across manuscripts, no more irritating post it notes that get stuck every time you turn a page.



Overscore is an absolute time saver with great ease of use. It is a new and very exciting product to own as it will change the way musicians look at amending a musical scores forever.


As it says…..






As a Professional drummer and educator I find myself on a regular basis writing out instrumental parts and drum excesses. I'm sure that I'm not the only one that makes the odd blooper writing my thoughts down on to manuscript paper. But with my roll of Overscore gone are those days, A small strip over the mistake and all is put right. What a great idea saves me money, time and is a professional solution. Great Product guys

"No more pesky tippex, that takes 5 minutes to dry! No more rubbing out that smudge, that makes that space-F look like a line-E! Yippee!

Alexander Stewart musician/teacher.
Tricia Kane
Local Authority Music Teacher.

Great wee product and so simple to use. No more pencil corrections needed or the re-writing or printing of entire pieces to change 1 bar of music!!! User friendly and great cost. Every musician and music teacher should have some!!


"Fantastic! An unbelievably useful tool to have on any job. Easy to use and most importantly its removable after the job or upon further ammendments. I will not work without it from now on".


David Dowell
Drum Shop owner/Working Drummer


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